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September 2022 Newsletter


  • Ford China sold 99,157 vehicles in November, up 47%; year-to-date sales reach 840,975 up 51%
  • CAF sold 72,432 vehicles in November, up 44%; year-to-date CAF sold 608,853 vehicles, up 65%.
  • JMC sold 23,294 vehicles in November, up 46%; year-to-date JMC sold 210,214 vehicles, up 17%.

Ford’s November sales in China sprinted to a thunderous, record-setting finish today.

Minutes before unveiling the all-new Mustang in Shanghai, Ford announced its sales in China were up more than 50 percent so far this year, and that November sales set a new record.

Ford China sold 99,157 wholesale vehicles in November, an increase of 47 percent, compared to November 2012.  From January – November, Ford China sold 840,975 wholesale vehicles, an increase of 51% compared to the same time last year.

“We’ve really hit our stride in China this year,” said John Lawler, Chairman and CEO of Ford China. “From performance vehicles, and SUVs, to sedans and commercial vehicles, we continue to expand the full family of vehicles in China that customers want and value.”

The all-new Mustang unveiling in Shanghai is one of six global events occurring simultaneously, including in Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, Dearborn and Barcelona.

The Mustang joins the growing stable of 15 vehicles Ford is bringing to China by 2015.

So far this year, Ford has sold more than 350,000 Ford Focus sedans in China.  According to IHS, the Ford Focus was the best-selling nameplate in China in 2012.

Since its launch at the end of August, Ford has sold almost 30,000 new Ford Mondeos in China.

So far this year, Ford has sold more than 158,000 SUVs, one of the fastest growing segments in China. Ford is offering a full family of SUVs in China, which includes the Ford EcoSport, Ford Kuga, Ford Edge and Ford Explorer.

Ford’s passenger car joint venture Changan Ford (CAF) reached a monthly high in November, with 72,432 wholesale vehicles, an increase of 44 percent compared to the same period last year. Year-to-date sales also continue to surge, with 608,853 wholesale units sold from January to November 2013, a 65 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

Ford’s commercial vehicle investment in China, Jiangling Motors Corporation (JMC), had a strong month in in November as well.  JMC’s commercial vehicle sales in China in November were 23,294 vehicles, a 46% increase from November 2012.   Year-to-date, JMC sold 210,214 vehicles, an increase of 17%, compared to January – November 2012.

As Ford invests in its business in China, it also continues to invest in its “Better World” community programs. Last month in Shanghai Ford recognized 24 of China’s top environmental leaders through its Conservation and Environmental Grants, China (www.fordgreen.com/cegc) program with a total of RMB 2 million (roughly US $330,000) in grants. During the Awards, Ford China also announced its commitment to invest RMB 6.1 million (roughly US $1 million) in Better World community programs in 2014.


Source: [Ford Media]

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