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2015 Ford F-150

Without a magnet, there is effectively no way of knowing if a truck’s body and bed are aluminum – every panel is opaquely painted, offering no hint of the new construction. The aluminum-intensive build may be revolutionary, but the truck’s appearance, with bold shoulders and muscular lines, is evolutionary – it’s unmistakably an F-150. That’s important in a segment that has proven historically resistant to change, valuing attributes like presumptive durability and ease-of-repair over innovation and sleek lines. Ford last took a big gamble on the F-Series’ appearance in the late ’90s with its much more streamlined tenth-generation truck, and it’s unlikely to do so again any time soon.

Climbing into the vehicle, occupants face a completely redesigned interior that’s two inches wider than last year’s model. Familiarity is again the theme, with nearly all primary controls in the same locations, albeit each featuring improved ergonomics, tactile feedback or convenience. Ford’s round climate control vents have been replaced by larger rectangular units which appear to deliver more airflow, and all of the glove-friendly rotary control knobs have thankfully been retained. In between the two large analog dials on the instrument cluster, one for the tachometer and the other for the speedometer, there is a new eight-inch multifunction display highlighting auxiliary gauges, tire pressure, off-road mode, trip computer and other information.

The driver faces a meaty four-spoke steering wheel with an open slot at the six-o’clock position. Ford says the latter provides plenty of long-distance comfort for drivers even while wearing gloves, but your author’s ungloved hand was a tight squeeze. Door sills are thoughtfully wide to rest elbows on with windows up or down, and lower armrests sit at the same height as the oversized center console, improving comfort. Rear-seat passengers enjoy more foot room and available airbag-equipped seatbelts. Lastly, clamshell doors on Supercab models – sans B-pillar – open a full 180-degrees wide to ease loading and avoid getting trapped in between the two open doors in parking lots.

Pressing the start/stop button fires one of four engines to life.

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Source: AutoBlog.com

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